How to use SNAPmobile Web

This document will walk you through on how to make calls, transfer calls, conference calls, record calls, use SMS/chat, and your check voicemail in SNAPmobile Web.


Launching SNAPmobile Web

  1. Log into manager portal at
  2. At the top right of the page, click Apps to expand the drop-down menu.
  3. Click SNAPmobile Web
  4. A new window will pop out with the softphone

Getting Started

  1. In the new softphone window, follow the prompts to get started.
  2. When prompted to enable receipt of inbound calls, select YES

SNAPmobile Web

The items within the SNAPmobile Web window are as follows:

  1. This is the extension you are currently signed into
  2. The globe icon allows you to change your language, while the Phone icon shows whether the device is registered to make or receive calls
  3. The hamburger button expands a list of configurable items and shows active settings.
  4. This is the screen you are currently on. You can use the drop-down arrow to change views as they relate to numbers 6 through 9.
  5. Search Contacts - Sort Contacts - Add a Contact
  6. Contacts Tab
  7. Voicemail Tab
  8. Call History Tab
  9. Messaging Tab
  10. Body of the SNAPmobile window. The contact list is currently shown here.
  11. Call Parks
  12. New Call or New Conversation

Make a Call 

Via Contact Page

  1. Select the contact you want to call
  2. Click the phone icon to the right of the contact

Make a Call Via the Dial Pad

  1. Click the orange ( + ) plus icon in the lower right corner
  2. Select the dial pad icon labeled "New Call"
  3. Type in the phone number or user extension you wish to call
  4. Click the Phone icon at the bottom of the dial pad

Transfer a Call

  1. Press Transfer while on an active call
  2. Select Choose from contacts or Dial a new number: If you choose from contacts, the contact list will appear. Choose the person you wish to transfer the call to.

  3. Contacts: Click the Phone icon on the Contact screen
    Dialing: Enter the number, press to call

  4. Select Blind or Assisted transfer
    NOTE: Learn more about blind and assisted transfers here

Conference Calling

  1. Press Add call from an active call
  2. Select whether to add a contact or dial a number

Record a Call

  1. Press More (...) from an active call, then select Record.

Chat & SMS

Chat between users is enabled by default, however, SMS must be enabled by your service provider. Please contact your service provider for more information

  1. From the Contacts or Messaging tab, press the ( + ) plus icon to start a new conversation.
  2. Select a contact or enter an extension/phone number to begin a conversation. Once selected, click the green checkmark icon to confirm. 
  3. An active chat window will appear for you to send and receive messages. Note: Hit the Back arrow to view all active chats.

Check Your Voicemail

  1. Tap the Voicemail icon: Here you will be able to view any voicemail messages that have been left for you
  2. To change the view, click the drop-down arrow next to Voicemail in the top right and select what you would like to filter by. You can view New and Saved messages here. Deleted messages are not visible after erasing.
  3. In the body of the window, you will see all voicemails within the given view.
  4. Tap on the voicemail to interact with it.

  5. The actions you can take with a voicemail are shown below:
    • Play: Listen to the voicemail
    • Phone: Call back the caller
    • Save: Save the voicemail
    • Forward: Forward to voicemail to another extension
    • Trash: Delete the voicemail