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The Essential Guide to Choosing Secure WiFi Solutions

Smart businesses are looking to optimize their WiFi network to address today’s challenges while ensuring it can securely meet the demands of the future.

Ever-changing IT demands require secure WiFi solutions

WiFi networks of today are under constant stress thanks to bandwidth-intensive media, multiple WiFi devices per user, new hybrid work models, and ever-changing security threats. WiFi 6 is the latest WiFi standard incorporated into the next generation of wireless access points, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that connect over wireless networks, all designed to deliver faster connections, greater user capacity and more coverage.

Smart businesses are looking for ways to optimize their WiFi network to address today’s challenges while ensuring it can securely meet the demands of the future. Having secure and optimized WiFi ensures your business is protected from cyberattacks, employees can be more productive, and customers have a seamless user experience that builds loyalty and trust.

If you’re thinking it’s time to optimize and secure your WiFi network to enhance customer and employee experiences as well as simplify IT for your small business, then congratulations! You are on the right track. Here are some important things to consider before choosing a secure WiFi network solution for your business:

Is it secure?

Every small business needs to make security a priority because networks, systems,  and users are bombarded with a continual stream of threats every day. If you’re like many small businesses, you don’t have a large IT staff with dedicated security  experts; in fact, only 5% of SMBs have IT security staff. SMBs are as vulnerable as large enterprises when it comes to network security breaches, but without  dedicated resources it’s harder for small businesses to fly under the radar when it  comes to cyberattacks.

Is it reliable?

Secure wireless networking must perform 24x7 to provide the foundation for productive employees to work with customers, partners, suppliers, and each other. Effective WiFi solutions ensure your network is always fast, secure, and equipped to handle the workloads of today and tomorrow, all while protecting your business with automatic and continuous updates.

Can it help me make smart business decisions?

When you know what’s happening on your WiFi network you can make more informed business decisions.

  • Look for secure wireless networking solutions that deliver insights to speed up decision-making and drive better business outcomes. For example, use information about the total number
    of visitors, total visits per site, and who is making repeat visits to improve customer experiences.
  • Expect easy to use dashboards and reports that provide visibility to what’s happening in your network, accessible  anywhere you are, so you can focus  on what’s important running your  business.

A few final thoughts.

Running a small business is always challenging and keeping your WiFi network secure and  up to date can be overwhelming. The good news is that managed WiFi solutions are both  affordable and cost effective.

Get the expertise you need to deliver exceptional WiFi user experiences without having to compete for scarce IT talent, giving your IT staff time to focus on other important priorities.  Make the most of your budget with predictable monthly costs, one transparent bill, and top-notch support from a trusted service provider.

Echo Networks provides you secure WiFi as part of an overall service that is easier to buy, manage and support. Click the link below to learn more about secure cloud-based wireless networking solutions from Echo Networks.




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